Antiques in Dallas. What Has Been Lost?

The Dallas Museum of Art has a pretty good decorative arts collection. Glancing at the labels it becomes apparent the collection is the result of a strong antique-collecting community. Yet today the city struggles to maintain even one higher-end show.

Take this highboy for example. It is in the collection thanks to the Tri Delta Charity Antiques Show, which no longer exists. Other items were donated by something called the Dallas Antiques and Fine Arts Society and the Dallas Glass Club. Do any of these organizations still exist? Are they active?

I am afraid auctions can’t cultivate interest in historical objects the way shows could. Perhaps you disagree.

In the antiques world, we talk a lot about what communities can or can’t sustain antiques shows. What is missing from that conversation is what is missing from communities that don’t have shows. This is how interest in decorative arts is fostered.

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