The Antiques Of London, An Amazing Sight

The Front of Kingscourt Galleries
The Front of Kingscourt Galleries Image Provided by

Anyone that has come to London to look for antiques dealers has come to the right place. One of the oldest civilized places in the world has some of the best antiques that anyone can ever find. It is an amazing city that has so much to offer and a person can spend a lifetime traveling every little corner to find what London has to offer. Here are some of the best antiques dealers that London has to help make the journey a little more guided.

If you are as fascinated by cartography and the written world as some others then you will find a place called King’s Court Galleries to be a world of enchantment. Located on Fulham Road and also on West Street in Dorking Surrey, these stores are a virtual paradise of all things printed.

These include maps that date back as far as a person can imagine and books that warm the heart just looking at them. The sound of the old paper itself is enough to make the trip worthwhile. It is recommended to visit both locations to see all that King’s Court has to offer.

Loveday Antiques Dealership
Loveday Antiques Dealership Image Provided by

Another must see is Loveday Antiques. This is a store that not only has the best in antique finds and Old English furniture, it sets the mood and has the character of a place removed from time. It is almost like walking through a museum of the arts, but with the vital difference that these works of art can come home. The minute that the front door opens there is an air of mystique that can be both felt and inhaled. It is located at 5 Hermitage Parade, High Street, Ascot. This is a place that cannot be missed. Anyone that has travelled to London and left without setting foot inside this beautiful business will have missed a lifetime opportunity.

On Bruton Street in London lives the business of an amazing collector. His name is Ronald Phillips and he specializes in antique furniture. This place has the look and feel of a room at the palace and just may have a few items that once spent time in the palace itself.

A person could take hours to peruse just one piece, due to the intricate lines and artwork that is laid into each piece. Each piece is English and has the amazing look that only the furniture of England can display. The antique glass alone is worth the stop. Chandeliers and lights of every type can be seen and purchased. The exquisite sparkle that can only be found in the glass pieces of another century fills the rooms of this fine establishment.

The front entrance of Ronald Philips antiques
The front entrance of Ronald Philips Antiques Image Provided by

A little bit off the wall, on Kensington Street is a place called Abstract. The pieces in this business are for the true collector and span hundreds of years and even more styles. Going in Abstract two days in a row can yield a completely different world of antiques. The pieces each have the subtle beauty of something that has lasted the years. All of it is there, jewellery and glass, furniture and something that has no category. There is no way to go to London and leave without having stepped foot into Abstract. This is for antique dealers and collectors and even those who have never collected.

Still on Kensington, there is an antique art dealer by the name of Art East 133. The entire place is filled with the smell of ancient oils and canvas. The subtle colours of the paintings fill each room with a distinct light. Some slightly faded and others that will never fade, these art antiques are awesome to see. It is inspiring to see the art that has lasted through the years and moved from one hand to another, each one knowing the beauty and power that is instilled in these fine works of art.

London is a piece of art in itself, filled with little corners of antiques and larger coves that hold the pieces that were once brand new and now are filled with the majesty that can only be seen in an antique. Visit often and see it all. It is an amazing place to be.

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