Hundreds Shrug Off Floods to Attend Botanic Garden Opener

Chicago Botanic

The preview party at Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques and Garden Fair is at the top of everyone’s list as far as antique-oriented events in the city. The significant flooding that occurred yesterday could however put a damper on anyone’s plans.

“You might have assumed not many would show up,” says Melissa Sands who covered the show for Urban Art and Antiques. “You would have been wrong.”

Boat offered by Douglas R. Wyant Antiques & Art, Cassopolis, Mi
Offered by Douglas R. Wyant Antiques & Art, Cassopolis, MI

The flooding forced patrons to park in a distant lot and take vans to the show. And those vans had a lot of trips to make. Sands says the event was a vibrant affair, and very well-attended.

Often preview parties are places to be seen with not places where a lot of transactions, but Sands says she saw plenty of patrons leaving with shopping bags, and even furniture being carted away. Several dealers confirmed being off to a good start with sales.

Dealers traveled to the show from Europe and beyond, and while the number of international dealers has waned in recent years, promoters say changing circumstances are seeing their return.


As might be expected, a significant portion of merchandise is garden-related, five indoor gardens were created by vendors. The displays seemed in tune with the time, featuring displays that included a lettuce garden and chicken coop.

Sands also says while there are plenty of high-end items, much of what is at the show is accessible and usable.

Chicago Botanic Show Catering

“It’s about fabulous decoration,” Sands says “Not as much about collecting.” 

These events are also about food, drink and merriment, and the promoters and caterers did not disappoint.  Appetizers were plentiful, and carts delivered colorful desserts paired with flavored vodka drinks for an additional wow effect.

“This is one of the best shows there is,” Sands says. “Plus you’re supporting a worthy cause while enjoying an amazing evening of art antiques and gardens.”

The event runs through Sunday. For more information, call the Antiques & Garden Fair Hotline at (847) 835-8326

Denise Odell Bleeker Street Chicago, IL
Denise Odell, Bleeker Street, Chicago, IL
Craig Bergmann Landscape Design & Acorn Antiques Lake Forest, IL
Craig Bergmann Landscape Design & Acorn Antiques Lake Forest, IL
Julie Harris Vintage Sports Antiquities Kansas City, MO
Julie Harris Vintage Sports Antiquities, Kansas City, MO
Linda Gumb  Textiles Decorative Objects & Jewellery London England
Linda Gumb Textiles, Decorative Objects & Jewellery, London, England
Lynn Worden
Melissa Sand (left) and Kim Oliva (right) with Exhibitor Lynn Worden
T.J. Antorino Antiques and Design Oyster Bay, New York
T.J. Antorino Antiques and Design, Oyster Bay, New York

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