Vintage Lighting a Unique Find at Chicago’s Vintage Garage

Vintage Lighting from Chicago Flea Markets. Skyscraper Deco Fan Light Helene Lys, Cavelier Lighting

Lighting can be really boring. Vintage Lighting from Chicago Flea Markets is not. So often homes and apartments are adorned with fixtures that came from contractor multi-packs offered by big discount chains. Changing the lighting is such an easy task, but locating the right replacement isn’t always so easy- contemporary fixtures just aren’t that interesting.

Finding lighting at vintage markets and antiques shows can also be fraught with difficulties. The lighting may need repairs or rewiring. While rewiring is something that’s not too difficult, there can be a learning curve to everything. Finding a dealer with exceptional fixtures in good shape and all rewired is something that makes it possible to add unique charm to a home. That is the case with a vintage lighting dealer displaying at Vintage Garage Chicago.

Two Bulb Art Deco Light Fixture Brass Helene Lys, Cavelier LightingThe fixtures available are mostly circa 1900 to 1940 or so, and that period addresses every decor from classic formal to minimal. A variety of wall sconces, chandeliers and even an art deco skyscraper light with two fans attached was offered. I don’t think you’ll find too many of those!

Many visitors to the garage are likely to be apartment dwellers, and while you may hesitate to buy lighting for a home you don’t own, changing a fixture is relatively easy. The old one can be saved and re-hung when its time to move and the classic fixture re-used in the new home. Many landlords will even assist in changing fixtures should you desire.

When thinking about the decor for your home, don’t forget about the lighting. Vintage lighting can add a classic touch that’s too often over-looked. If you’re in Chicago, look up the Vintage Garage and pay a visit to Helene Lys at Cavelier Lighting.

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