Antiques Garage in Chelsea Closes

Sad news from New York, the Antiques Garage is closing. Reports indicate this is the final weekend for the neighborhood fine flea fixture held in a parking structure on West 25th.

Known far beyond the big apple, the Antique Garage was some of the inspiration for the popular Vintage Garage Chicago in that city’s Uptown area.

Founder Alan Boss told AM New York the Chelsea markets have been part of the social fabric of New York for almost 40 years, The Garage, 20 of those years. The Garage will be replaced by a hotel development. The nearby outdoor market will continue.

One thought on “Antiques Garage in Chelsea Closes

  1. Sad news for an old man. I spent many exciting hours in the Antiques Garage looking, learning and acquiring. In fact several times back in my younger days I would get up early on a Sunday morning, fly to New York, go spend the day at the Antiques Garage looking for treasures and return to Texas late that evening. There was never a day that I didn't find something I couldn't live without. Progress is always made at the price of something priceless–great memories.


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