American Pickers Star to Launch Show

Danielle Colby of American Pickers at the Grand Rapids Antiques Market in January

American Pickers star Danielle Colby is launching an antiques show. The first edition will take place October 25-26 at the River Center in Davenport, Iowa. She has teamed up with Vintage Promotions, which currently produces Grand Rapids Antiques Market, Vintage Garage Chicago, the Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show and other events.

“It was a visit to Vintage Garage Chicago that sold me,” says Colby, who is enjoying an expanding role in the show on History. “I thought this is where the business needs to go, and these are the people who can help take it there.”

Since then Colby joined the team at the Grand Rapids Antiques Market in January and later that month at Fashion and Flea in Grapevine, Texas where the idea began to form for launching a new venture.

“Danielle is the perfect spokesperson for the new company,” explains Melissa Sands of Vintage Promotions. “She’s young, smart and talented and she knows her vintage and antiques.”

One-third owned by Colby, Sands says her role will extend beyond spokesperson.

“Danielle definitely has her own ideas and the show will be the result of a solid partnership with Vintage Promotions,” Sands says.

The new company will be called American Vintage Market, LLC. More information on the show is available at

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