Jon Jenkins on the Next Generation of Antiques Show Goers

He may just become the first to use Groupon for an antique show when a promotion goes out for Antiques at Music Valley in Nashville next month. There’s good reason to try. There are some 250,000 Groupon users in Nashville–people who aren’t current customers– the site attracts those in a younger age group with a substantial income. Jon Jenkins responded to an article on Urban Art and Antiques Tuesday and offered his own take on why and how to attract the younger generations to antique shows. Listen to the podcast and get insight from a man whose been setting up since age three and operates a number of shows in Nashville, Springfield, Ohio and Farmington, Connecticut.

Listen to the podcast


3 thoughts on “Jon Jenkins on the Next Generation of Antiques Show Goers

  1. Here in Chicago we were lucky enough to land a Groupon promotion last year that ran before our September show. We sold 3300 tickets for the Randolph Street Market and got hundreds of sign ups to our email list. The publicity itself was unreal we reached an entirely new audience. We are already waiting for them to tell us when our second one will run this Spring and we can’t wait!

    Melissa Sands


  2. Yes out of the 3300 we got in about 1000 of them. They have to bring the receipt with them and after the September show there was a heck of a pile. September also had a heck of a crowd and Groupon was what pushed our gate over the edge for the season finale.


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