Groupon, New Customers and the Eight Letter Word We Don’t Say Anymore

Groupon, Stella Pier ShowJeanne Stella, Stella Show Promotions; Jon Jenkins from Jenkins Promotions; and Melissa Sands from the Randolph Street Market and Image Pilots joined me in a podcast call this afternoon to discuss the use of Groupon in boosting the gate at shows and broadening the market to new customers that haven’t been to shows previously. Use of the coupon-oriented web site has been met with varying degrees of success, and several of the promoters found their branding didn’t effectively carry over in the Groupon promotion. The promotions tended to use words like “old-timey” and “Victorian curios,” the kinds of phrases promoters stand clear of these days. More, Jenkins, Stella and Sands talked about how the very word “antiques” has fallen out of favor. The path around the word is a simpler one for some. Jenkins comments some dealers may need resuscitation¬†if they were to hear the word “vintage” in one of his promotions. There was much to say on the topic, as expected it went on for more than a half hour, and could have continued much longer. Enjoy and feel free to chime in using the comments section. If you have an idea for a podcast, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Listen to the Podcast.

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