Retailers Ring with Clocks and Cameras

Walking through the stores of retailers from J. Crew to Target, it’s obvious marketers are more fascinated by mechanical gadgetry than digital devices.  Is there really a need for wall clocks and mantle clocks anymore? Probably not, but it seems an increasing number of models with century-old design inspirations are available at Target. While not many film cameras are available, I spotted them being used as props in stores and here in this image on a photo frame for sale in Target. It seems we want “antiques” without condition issues and without looking for them. While on the topic, have you noticed how so many cell phone rings sound like old Bell labs phones? And there are more typewriters around now than when we actually needed them. If there was a way to make a laptop look like an old Corona, we would.

3 thoughts on “Retailers Ring with Clocks and Cameras

  1. hi i have a Tambour No. 17 mantle clock that needs a little work because it doesnt run all the time like a few minutes and stops what would cost to fix? and is it worth to fix? thank you –joey


  2. HI Joey, If your clock just needs to be serviced, then it should cost around $100 to get it running again. If it needs to be restored the cost could be upwards of $300. You don’t mention a maker, but if it’s by an American company like New Haven or Seth Thomas the value is probably about the same as it will cost to restore it. So if you like this clock, or it has sentimental value to you, it’s worth repairing. You should be able to find a qualified clock repair person in your area to give you an estimate on what your clock needs.


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