Martha Stewart Visits the Brooklyn Flea

marthastewart 011“She’s over there, trying Pizzas,” my friend the clock dealer David Sokosh said when I arrived at the Brooklyn Flea in its Water Street location this afternoon. Martha Stewart was supposed to visit the Fort Greene location yesterday, but the rain kept her away. I half wondered if this was all an internet rumor to get people to the flea, but alas if it was, the rumor coincided with an actual visit. I usually walk past or around the food vendors at these things, so had to backtrack to see Martha, who was by then eating a lobster roll. On her arm where two leashes attached to two small dogs. To their dismay, no food scraps seemed to be falling. Sometimes people walk dogs to attract attention, but these two were hardly noticed, hidden below three or four video camera’s and a circle of cell phone cameras aimed at Martha Stewart. When I left she was making her way into the “hardware” vendors. I’m not sure if she would make it around to David’s booth of clocks and paintings, but the booth looked great, the place was packed and it was a good day, he said, in terms of sales.

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