The Antiques at J. Crew

If you took notice of the photo that appeared with yesterday’s post “Can Antiques Make You Happy,” it was one of several I took on a trip to the mall over the weekend. They are from inside a J. Crew store. It’s interesting to see sweaters stacked on old leather suitcases and clothing interspersed with camera’s and typewriters. The “Parian”  made with plaster was also a nice touch.

I wonder if the people who shop here also like to decorate in this manner. I also wondered about the possibility of having an antique show in a mall. Perhaps furniture retailers like Pottery Barn would have an objection, but it would seem to have potential to introduce antiques to a generation that I think may be used to seeing, but not used to purchasing antiques.

Don’t forget, less than a century ago, major department stores had antique departments.

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