Early Branded Furniture

Quick – what’s the oldest-known ingredient? If you guessed an onion you are correct, at least as far as what I have read goes. Another question – what was the onion capital of colonial America? You may or may not have guessed New London County, Connecticut.

I didn’t know that either, but I was curious as to why the shape was cut into this highboy on display in the Seattle Art Museum. According to the label, it’s an onion and perhaps a very early “signature” or form of branding for the town.

I couldn’t find anything about New London County’s onion history online. Today there are several places that refer to themselves as the Onion Capital. Among them are Elba, New York and some places in Texas and Georgia. It looks like most onions are grown in the Pacific Northwest today, however.

It was a pleasure to see this piece in the museum.

I never could figure out how you could have just one “ingredient.”

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