Antiques Business: What Do You Do in a Declining Industry? Share

Loveday Antiques Dealership

What do people resort to in a declining industry like the antique business seems to be? They fight. Everyone is a competitor. “They” are the enemy.

But that’s not good for the industry as a whole, and it’s not good for any particular show. It’s certainly not good for the consumer of antiques and vintage.

The owner of a prominent local art gallery here in Dallas remarked to me that he didn’t care if there were more galleries. More galleries meant the art community was thriving.

I’d like to take that a step further and say that more shows can instigate an interest in antiques, as well as antique shows and vintage markets. This is because the net result is more people are exposed to antiques and vintage, and persuaded to spend time and money there instead of going to retail stores that sell new products, or instead of doing other things.

Remember Miracle on 34th Street when Santa at Macy’s sends a customer to Gimbels? What’s good for the industry is good for everyone, it really is.

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