Industry Word Pulse Survey Indicates Favorable View of Antiques

antiques industry word survey

With all the talk of a decline in popularity of antiques, you might expect a much worse showing. Yet with more than 100 votes, the term rank near the most favorable industry words in a survey among readers of Urban Art and Antiques.

With more than 100 responses, the word “antiques” has a 70 percent favorability rating, the third most of any term ranked. Another 15 percent of respondents have a neutral response to it. Just ahead of it is the word “vintage” with 77 percent giving it a favorable rating. “Shop Local” is also a popular term with 74 percent rating it as favorable, as is “repurposing” also with a 70 percent favorable rating.

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Other terms with strong favorables include “vintage shows,” “smalls,” “patina,” “furniture” and “collecting.”

Terms weighed heavily to the negative include “small shows,” “exclusive,” “contemporary,” “important,” “investment” and “modern.”

While the word “antiques” may be favorable, it appears the word “antiques show” barely made it past the median mark with just 51 percent giving it a favorable rating. “Flea market” fared the same.

The survey is designed to give an indication of the popularity over time and so will not end. Users can add one to three word terms for readers to rank.

9 thoughts on “Industry Word Pulse Survey Indicates Favorable View of Antiques

  1. If the survey was conducted on Urban Art & Antiques readers, wouldn't they by being readers of a site called Urban Art & Antiques probably have a high positive response to the word antique?
    You might get similar findings by asking Playboy readers about the words, women, breasts, legs-etc.


    1. The only terms I like are the ones that help more people sell more of what they are selling. I think that word changes depending on what you are selling and to whom. Whether it be art, antiques, design, vintage, etc. There certainly is a great deal of merit is surveying consumer response to those terms. But the survey pool should be people outside the industry as we need to know the best words to get them in.


  2. I imagine readers are predisposed to thinking well of antiques. However, what explains them not thinking so well of antiques shows?


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