Antiques Business Observer: Pinterest Perfect for Products

Pinterest Screen ShotYou may have noticed something new at the end of each post on urban Art and Antiques. Among the social media tags there is a little button called Pin It. It’s for the social media site Pinterest. The name had come across my screen several times, then this morning on a Spree webcast with Gary Vaynerchuck I started to look into it. You’re first reaction may be that Pinterest is a time-waster, but hang around. You will notice that this site is much more suited to the antiques and art industries than even Facebook or Twitter. Facebook is about community, Pinterest is about interests. You can follow someones interest- and those interests are all in pictures. If you’re a dealer, you can also get a feel for what people like. The things displayed there more resemble the Brooklyn Flea than the Winter Antiques Show, but who are we to say what someone should like, right?

Check out Pinterest

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