Calendar of Antiques Relaunches

Calendar of AntiquesFor some, its as if the sun has risen again. After launching last Spring and gaining users for the better part of  year, a web site known as the Calendar of Antiques faded quietly from the cloud for a short hiatus.

“‘What happened,’ was the reaction from some fans of the site and others wrote in telling us our site was down,” says Promoter Eric Miller. “What happened was we took six months of feedback from the beta stage and built a better site.”

The new site allows auctioneers and show promoters to enter their own details and add events to the calendar. Each event links to its own page on the site. Miller says future features will include the ability to rate and review shows and other events, sort events by type and region and more.

The self-service site creates a page for an event that includes, links, contact information and a Google map. Listings are free.

“Shows small and large can immediately benefit from a presence on the Calendar of Antiques,” Miller says. “The site is really a tool to help shows get the word out.”

The site includes categories for art shows, antique shows, auctions, vintage markets, gallery events and museum shows. The events are color-coded to allow for easy differentiation. The site also includes useful publicity tips for using social media and getting the most out of web sites.

Major auctions, antique shows and vintage markets have already listed their events on the calendar. Future functions are expected to allow shows to be rated by viewer and provide reviews. Dealers will also be able to advertise their participation in an event.

To list an event, simply enter the details here:

Find CalendarofAntiques on Facebook and on Twitter @calendarantique Calendar of Antiques is on the web at

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