A Bigger Tent: Philadelphia Antiques Show Heads for 1970

Philadelphia Antiques WeekReports from Philadelphia today highlighted a move for the Philadelphia Antiques Show from the Navy Yard to the Philadelphia Convention Center. But that’s not all that’s brewing. According to local media reports, the show will allow dealer’s to display merchandise as new as 1970, as long as the creator isn’t living. I had to read that several times to make sure they didn’t mean 1870! It’s a move that’s sure to send shock waves through the industry’s old guard. Look for other shows to follow.

With the new location and the addition of items you might better call vintage, it’s sure to be refreshing (or disconcerting depending on your view) when the doors open April 28th. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when the board voted on that one! We hear frequent talk about the need to be bold and do things differently. In Philadelphia they’re taking that to heart.

More about Philadelphia Antiques Week

One thought on “A Bigger Tent: Philadelphia Antiques Show Heads for 1970

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