Furniture Sells for a Song

American Sideboard

And it’s a song you’ve heard before. I was watching a carpet on LiveAuctioneers and New Orleans Auction Galleries today and couldn’t help notice the traditional/classical looking furniture wasn’t bringing much. When you compare it to paper items like maps and samplers- the price per ounce would seem pretty unreal. Small items like curtain rods also did well. I can only expect its the want of style without having a lot or room for stuff. Or perhaps liking the look of antiques, but not wanting to live with them. Is it time to buy an American Classical sideboard? If there wasn’t one already here, I certainly would have been tempted.

Compared to the sideboards, sofas and other furniture items, a classical New England bookcase did very well. As hard as it is to be a bookcase in a world of e-readers, it’s even harder to be a sideboard in a world without dining rooms.

American Sideboard


Boston Secretary

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