Are We Moving Back from Cyberspace?

Are we moving back into the real world? An odd item came across the wires today. The web site reports the results of a survey indicating  the most popular source of antiques & collectibles for collectors are still Yard / Tag sales.

The survey question was “What is the primary source of the antiques & collectibles you purchase for your personal collection?”  Came up with yard sales followed by auctions, flea markets, shops, online auctions, online shops and shows.

Methinks the categories here are screwy. Only the very low-end auctions are not online, and there’s no way they outnumber the ones that are online, so those two categories can probably be combined. If they were, they may be number one. Second,

do “online shops” include ebay stores and TIAS/Ruby Lane, etc?  More, this will depend on who is responding but it is something to do an online survey and find the respondents are shopping offline. My guess is they are out finding things to sell on or ebay. If that’s the case its only a matter of time before the folks selling at yard sales put the stuff online themselves.

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