TIAS.com Surveys Collectors on Best Way to Sell Antiques and Collectibles

TIAS.com conducted a recent survey of collectors and found they preferred online methods over offline methods when selling antiques and collectibles. TIAS.com said 32% of respondents said selling on eBay or other online shop was the best way to sell their antiques & collectibles.

When asked, if you had over 100 small antique / vintage items to sell, which of the following would be your number one choice to sell these items, respondents said:

Sell on ebay or other online shop 32.3%

Sell them in a booth at an antique mall 17.2%

Put them in a consignment shop 10.1%

Have an estate sale 9.1%

Sell them through an auction company 9.1%

Sell them at a yard sale 9.1%

Sell them one at a time from home 8.1%

Sell them to a dealer 5.1%

TIAS.com sent the survey to over 15,000 collectors.

Editors note: Of course you must consider that TIAS is a web site for selling antiques…

2 thoughts on “TIAS.com Surveys Collectors on Best Way to Sell Antiques and Collectibles

  1. I believe any survey is naturally biased. This survey, done online, will more likely attract online shopper and sellers.

    Still there are quite large of sellers who cannot do e-business as the amount of merchandise, and the knowledge and skills they posses, prevent them from selling online.


  2. I noticed that TIAS showcases lower-end material. E-Bay and similar have been a good place to offer this material – more eyes than a show or mall. Problem with this is that once too much material goes on line – it affects show attendance, buying becomes about price comparison and many categories of antiques become over-exposed and thus may seem ‘common’. This is the main problem with these sites. And eventually they all hit a saturation point and have to bring in other categories which may further dilute the interest.


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