Three Years of Urban Art & Antiques

Three years ago this web site, Urban Art & Antiques came into existence. The first post was on a visit to the Butler Museum of American Art. Since then we’ve provided reports from museums, vintage markets, antique shows and antique malls. We’re also grateful for the contributors who have helped us over these three short years, whether that contribution was articles and photos, an email or a comment. And of course, thank you to our growing number of advertisers who have found our site is a great way to reach out to the antique, auction and art communities.

The most enjoyable part of this experience is and will continue to be the great people we meet along the way, whether that meeting is through a simple email exchange or a personal meeting at a show. This web site is a learning vehicle, and a chronicle of that learning and the accompanying experiences in art and antiques.

3 thoughts on “Three Years of Urban Art & Antiques

  1. Thank you very much for telling a little about your site. I have been following for just a few weeks and have been trying to understand where your revenue comes from as it seems there is very little for sale. The articles are very interesting and for me the site is, as you say, “a learning vehicle.” Thanks again…
    Au Revoir,


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