A Stop at the Buchanan Antique Market

Events that repeat themselves more than twice annually more typically fall into the category of “flea market,” as opposed to “antique show.” The Buchanan Antique and Collectibles Market straddles two worlds in two cities, Dallas and Oklahoma City. Usually events with any frequency are on the larger side, like the Randolph Street Market in Chicago or the Brooklyn Flea (both which also straddle and at times make new categories). The Buchanan Market exists on a monthly basis as an event about the size of the small traditional antique show in the vein of the All Saints’ Show in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware or say an Armacost Show.

In terms of the merchandise offered, the Buchanan Market wasn’t filled with paintings by major name artists and the furniture offered was minimal, but what was there was satisfying–interesting paintings of decent quality by lesser-known or unknown artists, ceramic, glass and pottery offered at a fraction of the price as at bigger shows, silver, much of it unpolished and even a few respectable examples of American furniture.

Another thing I enjoyed about the Buchanan Market was the offering of cylinder player recordings, stereoview cards, advertising memorabilia and other items that are often absent from shows with their nose too high in the air. For dealers, booth rent at the show is offered at a price, $100, that makes it hard to have a bad show. The lack of walls, however push the show, at least visually towards the flea market side of things.

Does that matter? Not to dealers looking to buy at wholesale, but to the not always so knowledgeable buying public presentation can be half the battle.

The show runs each month through December in Dallas and Oklahoma City. Dates are available at CalendarofAntiques.



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