Turn Left, What’s Hot and More on Buying Antiques

What's Hot? Judith Miller says Anything Arts and Crafts
What's Hot? Judith Miller says Anything Arts and Crafts

Turn left as you go into an antiques show, buy single chairs and it’s a wonderful time to buy Victorian. This is just some of the opinion, advice and commentary given in a telephone interview with Judith Miller and News-Observer reporter Samantha Thompson.

Miller also said to buy antiques, you need a trained eye. “Getting your eye in is very important with antiques. You need to go to auctions, go to museums, where you can actually spot something. People have been faking for a long time. You need to shop from a recognizable dealer. Go to a good auction house.”

Where are good places to buy antiques? Miller mentions by name New Hope, Pa; Freeman’s Auctions, Philadelphia in general. What’s hot, Stickley, Rookwood and anything Arts and Crafts. Read the entire article.

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