Art Log: July 10, 2021, Kazuya Sakai

Kazuka Sakai Blanton

This work by Argentine-born Kazuya Sakai was sold recently at an auction in Mexico City for what seems like a steal of a price at $2,377. The artist, who died in 2001, has renewed interest in his work. The Dallas Museum of Art made this acquisition earlier in 2021*. Likewise, this work (above) often hangs at the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin. Sakai worked in several styles including abstraction. Here’s an abstract work example that sold in 2003 for $4,700 at Doyle in New York. Sakai taught at the University of Texas at Dallas late in his career. Here’s an article about his time in Texas that tellingly states “Few art histories mention him, perhaps because he is too difficult to categorize.” (Born in Argentina, Sakai is of Japanese descent and also lived in Mexico). Museums here, including the Blanton and Museum of Fine Arts Houston, have large collections of Latin American art. The Dallas Museum of Art might seem lacking in comparison, at least in terms of what is regularly on display, but the city is home to the Geometric MADI, which focuses on art in that style. It’s great to see renewed interest in this important international artist with strong ties to North Texas.

*curiously, the DMA has removed the post about the purchase from it’s blog.

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