Art Unlocked Virtual Events

For the past five weeks, we’ve been posting video feeds for our Plein Air Pandemic series and have enjoyed seeing the results on social media. While that will continue, if you’re trapped at home and haven’t yet noticed, the array of online art offerings is proliferating. Do we ever need to leave the house again?

I’ve enjoyed several Zoom events (remember back in March when zoom was a type of camera lens?) sponsored by New York’s Poster House recently on everything from travel posters and cocktails to signs in that city’s Chinatown and even making a dumpling. Check those out here. They’re definitely fun and informative.

I found the Poster House events via Instagram and was curious to see what else is out there and found some 500ish events this weekend alone when I searched “Art” on Eventbrite. I also should note that hardly anything came up for the category of “antiques.” The future there is wide-open if anyone wants to go after it!

Here are a few of this weekend’s offerings: Many are free, none are expensive. 

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Modern Art Tour at the National Gallery

Queer Virtual Tour at the Whitney

Art Collections of Victoria and Albert

Exotic Revival Architecture

Latinx in the Arts

Costumed Model Drawing

Paint Your Garden

Portrait Drawing Made Simple

Virtual Figure Drawing

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