Discovery Channel’s Vintage Tech Hunters Visit Grayslake

Vintage Tech Hunters at Grayslake Zurko

Discovery Channel’s Vintage Tech Hunters recently made a visit to Lake County Fairgrounds during Zurko’s monthly Antique & Vintage Market. The show’s focus is on the hottest collectibles in vintage technology.

The “tech hunters” focused their hunt on early TV’s, movie cameras and projectors, old telephones, wooden table-top pinball machines, early neon, mechanical toys, radios and kitchen gadgets.

One of the dealers, Bill Rawski of Zap Props, brought an eclectic mix of early tech stuff including old table-top mechanical pinball machines, collectible neon signs, a 1960’s pedal motorcycle, table-top electric fans, mechanical banks and vintage wind-up toys.

Vintage Tech Collectors hit Allen Bergh’s- Allen’s Restorations booth filled with a variety of vintage TV’s. Some of the rarely seen TV’s included; Pilot 1950’s, 2 1/2 “TV; the small 1967 Symphonic Portable TV; a 1938 Mills Castle top Slot-Machine, professionally restored by Berg. Artfully displayed with a variety of gorgeous mannequins was a 1953 Philco Predicta: a 1955 Zenith Ultra Modern 21 console TV and a variety of hard to find Oscilloscopes (used for aligning TV’s after rewinding).

The airing of this special event at Zurko’s Market is on tap for an international fall release.