Vicky C Balcou and Tina Woodruff

Vicky Balcou and Tina Woodruff

Bastrop is one of those towns with a sizeable artist community. Among them are Vicky Balcou and Tina Woodruff, who we met up with at R.A. Green Mercantile in Bastrop for their show titled “Old Friends, New Directions.” We had known Vicky from the Texas Art Expo shows in Fort Worth where many of her paintings had been exhibited. Meeting Tina, her roommate from University of Texas at Austin, was an added treat.

We had been talking to Vicky individually for some time when Tina came in and sat quietly in the corner. At one point we invited her to join and the unique interplay began. To remain this close for 55 years, the connection has to be bona fide. As you will see in the video, the connections are also artistic. They often play off of, add to and enhance each other’s work as well as sentences.

Unfortunately, this show ended in October. You are sure to come across their work in the galleries of Bastrop, however.

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