Charles Linford

(1846-1897) Pittsburgh-born Charles Linford also lived in Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey.  One of the Scalp-Level painters of Western Pennsylvania, Linford was a student of landscape painter George Hetzel. Influenced by the French Barbizon school, Linford’s favorite subject was birch trees within a fall landscape. Linford exhibited often at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts’ Annual Exhibition and the National Academy of Design. His paintings Solitude and Autumn, Pocono Valley were exhibited in the first of the Carnegie International exhibits. His works are held by public institutions including the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Westmoreland Museum of American Art. A well-known portrait of Linford was painted by his teacher, Thomas Eakins.

Artists Eakins Painted, Urban Art & Antiques

Portrait of Linford by Thomas Eakins (left) Eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey Landscape (right)

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