A. F. King

A. F. King (Albert Francis King) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, Carnegie Museum of Art

(1854–1945) A. F. King (Albert Francis King) made his living by painting portraits for the residents of the growing city of Pittsburgh including Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick. He is best known however for his landscape, and especially still-life painting, including a commission used in early advertising for Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. King followed the painting style of mentor George Hetzel, who he joined on excursions to a natural area near Johnstown, Pennsylvania known as the Scalp Level. Frustrated when the city was taken by the new style paintings shown in the Carnegie International exhibitions, particularly impressionism, King moved to Omaha briefly. His painting Late Night Snack was included in the recent Art for Appetite exhibition. His works are held in public institutions including the Carnegie Museum of Art

A Late Night Snack with A. F.  King, Urban Art & Antiques

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