Defining Texas Art

Texas Art Expo, 2014

What is Texas Art? That is ONE important question that artists, curators, auctioneers and collectors must answer at Texas Art Expo, which was held at Fort Worth Community Art Center on Aug 8 to 9. The panel discussion, facilitated by Amon Carter Museum of American Art touched on this issue at the beginning.


For many people outside of Texas, Texas art is broader than many have ever imagined. There are bluebonnets and cactus, and there are western art genre paintings created by Texas artists. But Texas art is far from being backwater. As Shirley Reece-Hughes, curator at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, said, many artists said the lack of cultural development in the early ages enabled them to have the freedom to do what they wanted to do.

Check out this short video from Texas Art Expo panel discussion. There are different angels for this very topic.

Texas Art Expo Panel Discussion from Art After X on Vimeo.

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