Into Houston’s Antique Pavilion

Classical and Midcentury at Antique Pavilion Houston

Most of the Houston antiques stores I have been in are on the small side, and while small can be wonderful, I had to wonder how I had missed this big one. I may have passed it by with the notion that a big mall will necessarily be filled with lesser things. While bigger is not often better as far as antique malls go, that’s not the case at Antique Pavilion.

This is a big mall with lots of nice things. Most have age, and significant decorative quality. The booths were arranged nicely, many offering displays which provide ideas about how to use an item in your home.

There was a decent amount of repurposing, such as these pieces or iron grates or railings and bathtub claws made into lamps. Several of the vendors were spending time in their booths, greeting customers as an owner in a larger shop would.

Classical and Midcentury at Antique Pavilion Houston

I love the way this booth has the classical bookcase placed with midcentury furniture. It’s a reminder that when decorating your home or apartment, you can do what you want to do.

Check out Antique Pavilion the next time you’re in the Bayou City. 2311 Westheimer Rd, (713) 520-9755.

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