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Center Table Repair Rose Walker

Q: I have a Meeks center table that needs restoration. The round part of the table has some veneer issues, but the curved part underneath seems to have popped out a little.

A: There are always several ways to go about restoration projects. We’ll give you two options in dealing with your Meeks center table, ranging from a “stopgap method” (also referred to as “smoke & mirrors”) to what we consider the most thorough way to address your issue:

Option A-go to Home Depot and find the aisle where they sell the Minwax products. Pick up a couple of those little touch-up pens, then go home and color in the spots where the base has moved from its home position. Also color any missing veneer spots. If it looks better to you then it must be better, right?! If this doesn’t improve the situation to your satisfaction, we suggest

Option B-These bases are held together with the pedestals by a single long bolt about 24″ long. Sometimes these bolts just loosen, which means you can just tighten it and fix the problem. Sometimes (1) the threads strip, OR (2) the wood around the bolt head wears away. You’ll need to take it apart to determine which is the case. If number 1 is the case, replace the bolt/rod with a new one. If it turns out to be number 2, make some thick epoxy putty and level the worn spot. When the epoxy dries, put the bolt back together and tighten snugly with a wrench. The veneer issue on these tables is best attacked by working hot hide glue into the loose spots and clamping. Any lost veneer can be replaced with a similar grain, then colored and finished. It’s up to you whether you tackle this yourself or choose to call a professional!

Good luck and let us know how this works out for you!

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