Into the Dallas Art Fair

Dallas Art Fair 2012The threat of tornadoes and hail in North Central Texas kept us from a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to see the collection of paintings by Ralph Blakelock. While the storms proved damaging in Oklahoma and Iowa, they stayed away from Texas and allowed for two trips over the weekend to the Dallas Art Fair.

Held in the Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG) next to the Dallas Museum of Art, the event brings together galleries from around the DFW region and well, world. As can be expected, many New York Galleries were represented, as well as Santa Monica, Santa Fe and even London and Monterey, Mexico. Some 75 in total set up in this attractive space covering two floors of the building.

From conversations I understand this is the fourth year of the show and “much bigger and better than in 2011.” We’ll be posting more on the art and artists in the coming days. Here are a few highlights.

Marty Walker Gallery  Matthew Porter

Five editions of this archival pigment print “Noe Valley” by Matthew Porter with escalating prices were marked as sold by Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas.

Jackie Kennedy John Kennedy

We were informed these large images of Jackie Onassis Kennedy and John Kennedy were headed to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas.

Steve Mills Snaps Back

This striking work by Steve Mills, “Snaps Back” was priced at $60,000 and offered by Gallery Henoch of New York, was marked sold.

Mary Mcreary Moody Gallery Houston

We first noticed the work of Mary McCleary on a visit to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. The asking price for this monumental work was $60,000 and appears to be destined for a private home in Dallas.

Alex Shaefer Chase Bank Ohio Charlie James Gallery

Some of the most engaging objects, many humorously, were offered by Charlie James Gallery of Los Angeles. This is Chase, Ohio by Alex Schaefer.

happiness is expensive

Several objects seemed ready-made for GCB, including this one reminiscent of Glenn Ligon. æHappiness Is Expensive” is by Alejandro Diaz and offered by Conduit Gallery. (Thanks Jordan.)

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