Chrysler Museum in Norfolk Set for Major Expansion

The Chrysler Museum of Art will expand and renovate its galleries as part of a $45 million capital campaign.The Chrysler Museum of Art Board of Trustees voted recently to move forward with plans for a major expansion and renovation of the Museum in 2013. Architectural plans have been approved, and the Board will solicit construction bids this spring with construction beginning in July. An additional 8,000 square feet of new gallery space in two new wings will flank the Museum’s entrance. The additional space will enable the Museum to exhibit more works from its world-class collection and will provide opportunities to showcase new acquisitions.

“These improvements will create a complete Museum campus,” says William Hennessey, the Museum’s director. “Vibrant landscaping will connect the Museum and the Glass Studio, and the overall visitor experience will be greatly enhanced. We are well on our way to secure essential funding for the Museum through the endowments portion of the campaign as well. Our Board of Trustees has adopted a strategic plan for the Museum that ensures our continued strength and vitality as a community resource.”

Every gallery in the Museum will be modified and reinstalled when the project is complete. Significant improvements will be made to the Ancient Worlds galleries, as well as those housing the Museum’s renowned Glass collection, which includes more than 10,000 works of art.

The project requires that all 30,000 works of art will need to be moved to safekeeping to protect them from the construction process. Portions of the Museum will be closed as the art is moved beginning this summer, and the entire main building is expected to be closed throughout 2013. The grand reopening is expected in April 2014.

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