Let’s Talk About Pure Vintage Authenticity

Vintage AuthenticityIf you’ve spent a moment fretting about what is and isn’t vintage or have been aghast to see items in major retail stores labeled as vintage, you’ll want to listen to a new podcast. Eric Miller discusses vintage and authenticity with Massachusetts dealer Jane Hudson, North Shore Flea promoter Melissa Sands and Jon Jenkins of Jenkins Promotions. You can listen to the podcast here.

One thought on “Let’s Talk About Pure Vintage Authenticity

  1. Vintage in textiles is very subjective. Having a vintage, is,like saying saying textiles have a patina.
    Buyer and seller need to be on the same page. Age and condition terminology need to be established, and this is the dealer’s responsibility.
    I consider “antique” over 100 years. “Vintage” is 1910s-1950s. I use the term “retro” for the 1960s and 1970s. And contemporary for the 1980s to present.
    New, old looking items, could be referred to as “vintage style”. I just gave a lecture to a group on how to tell the difference between antique, vintage, and new.
    I am really tired of everything on eBay being characterized as “vintage”…I’m 40 years old, and these items are newer than me…and I am not vintage!


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