Whoopi Goldberg Offers Selections from her Personal Collection

Selections from the Personal Collection of Whoopi Goldberg, acclaimed Oscar-winning actress and comedian, will highlight Heritage Auctions’ Sept. 27 Estate Auction, at the company’s Design District annex at 1518 Slocum Street. This will include more than 70 pieces from Whoopi’s cherished collection of pottery, porcelain, art deco and a variety of whimsical pieces she has gathered over the years.

“I think of this as the evolution of interests,” said Goldberg. “It’s time to clear space for the next chapter of my ever changing tastes. I hope the new owners will enjoy these pieces as much as I have.”

While Ms. Goldberg has enjoyed her superstar status as hostess to some of the most interesting minds and unique characters in the world today she has also quietly and intelligently scoured auctions, antique shows and flea markets over the years to assemble her impressive assortment of tableware and accessories. It is an ever-evolving collection, hence Ms. Goldberg’s desire to make some room on her shelves and to offer both fans and collectors an opportunity to add to their own acquisitions a piece whose provenance will always, importantly, be connected to the famous actress.

“Whoopi Goldberg, for decades an internationally recognized and admired figure in the world of film, theatre and television, has stepped once more into the spotlight,” said Nick Dawes, Heritage’s Vice President of Special Collections, “but this time in a less widely known, but equally successful role, that of avid collector.”

The items range from exquisitely painted English porcelain of the late Georgian period to whimsical kitsch from the Dime Store era. In between these extremes the collection includes several extensive porcelain services suitable for the finest of tables by a wide range of makers including KPM, Coalport and Lennox, Art Deco objects such as a solitaire set by Clarice Cliff and a dynamic group of Roseville pottery, examples that have made for a wonderful addition to the cherished pieces handed down to Goldberg from her mother, who planted the love of collecting in her daughter.

“That same love of collecting has now made it time for Goldberg to offer some of this same tableware she, her family and her guests have loved and used to a new family of owners,” said Dawes. “Our hope is that they will continue to bring as much joy, conversation and inspiration to your table as they have to hers.”

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