Rare Early Photographs of Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana to be Exhibited at Art Hamptons

Warhol FlowersAmerican photographer William John Kennedy’s recently published photographs of Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana will be exhibited during ArtHamptons in Bridgehampton, July 7-10, 2011.The never before seen, rare and historic photographs offer an intimate look at the two artists and their soon-to-be iconic works at the beginning of their careers and the birth of the Pop art movement.The images were taken in 1963-1964 at a time when Kennedy forged a friendship with Warhol and Indiana.

The negatives sat in storage at the photographer’s studio for the past 46 years with the vast majority never used to make prints. A select number of the nearly forgotten images were carefully chosen and have been published for the first time as a collection by KIWI Arts Group.

A short film, ‘Full Circle: Before They Were Famous’ chronicling the images’ journey from the days they were taken to the present will be screened during the fair. Filled with revealing, and funny personal anecdotes, the story offers an inside look into the lives and working studios of two key artists who influenced the course of twentieth century American art. The short film features interviews with many of the principals of the story including Robert Indiana and Warhol Superstars Ultra Violet and Taylor Mead. The daily screenings are free to the public attending the fair.

“Life photographer Gjon Mili once told me that if one comes-up with ten great photographs in one’s career, you can consider yourself accomplished. Kennedy’s photographs of Warhol and Indiana, as well as others, have achieved that goal.” Henri Dauman, photojournalist

With Pop’s current dominance in the art world and the rising prominence of fine art photography among collectors, both the exhibit and the film have received wide praise from critics, art fans and film-goers alike at previous showings during Art Basel Miami Beach 2010, the 2011 Dallas Art Fair and the San Francisco Fine Art Fair. According to Tom Austin in AOL/Paper (http://www.artbasel.aol.com) the short film’s standing-room-only screening in Miami Beach was, “One of the best and most surreal evenings—of Art Basel.”

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