Monster Furniture Still in Ready Supply

Vintage Yard Sale, Grapevine, TX
Photo from Vintage Yard Sale

During our Vintage Yard sale this weekend we heard the constant dreaded word “downsizing.” It seems everyone is downsizing, but they still like to shop- or else why are they at the yard sale? Actually sales at the yard sale were pretty good. Lots of smaller items sold, even some plates and glassware. The furniture, however is still in the garage.

With the 100 plus degree days in Texas continuing, this afternoon was a good time to be using someone else’s air conditioning. Downsizing ourselves, we’ve been thinking about a bed with drawers underneath to increase storage. We headed to a large furniture store in Grapevine called Stacy Furniture. I had been in this store before, but had intended to go again after seeing the Stickley Chair in the gift shop at the Dallas Museum of Art exhibit. This collection impresses in both aesthetics and quality. The prices are probably comparable to a little more than comparable antiques, with some exceptions. If you intended to keep it and didn’t feel like waiting to find a matching set, certainly the new isn’t a bad option. However, something else stuck out at Stacy Furniture.

Stickley at Stacy Furniture
Stickley Line at Stacy Furniture

A year or so ago I had made the rounds to local furniture stores looking for a pair of chairs only to find none would fit into the slender “hotel chair” example I had in my minds eye. Since then there’s been a lot of additional talk about downsizing, living small and apartment living. Houses and spaces may be getting smaller, but its clear furniture isn’t following that trend. Furniture on the smaller side still seems quite difficult to find.

The exception may be in the used category, yard sales, flea markets, vintage markets and the like. We’re over the bigger, richer, faster phase. Better can come in smaller sizes and for sure living smaller can be better.

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