John Edwards and “Antiques” in the Memo Lines

By Joey Gannon from Pittsburgh, PA (Edwards) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
John Edwards in Pittsburgh- Photo by Joey Gannon

Articles published this week suggest 2008 vice presidential Candidate John Edwards received $700,000 or more from Rachel Mellon, which he allegedly used to cover up an affair during that year’s campaign.

A representative of Mellon, who wasn’t named but later identified as Person C in the indictment, told the New York Times the money was a gift and didn’t know how Edwards used it. It was also reported the checks from Mellon contained notations like ‘chairs’, ‘bookcase’, and ‘antique Charleston table.’

Rachel Mellon is a Centenarian and the wife of former Banker Paul Mellon. According to a recent article in Vanity Fair, Mellon maintains homes in Antigua, Paris, New York, Washington, Nantucket, Cape Cod along with her main home, a 4,000-acre farm in Virginia. The magazine reports her art collection includes Giacomettis and a Rothko worth $125 million.

The checks may have been delivered in boxes of chocolates, which might fit in nicely with what could be taken as a decorating philosophy expressed in the Times article. “Nothing should be noticed.”


Edwards Case Casts Spotlight on a Long Reclusive Donor

Edwards Case Puts Focus on Bunny Mellon Donations, NYT Reports


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