A Third Antique Week in Manhattan

International Fine Art Fair at the Park Avenue Armory

First there was Americana Week, sometimes referred to as Antiques Week, then came Asian Arts Week and now the Art and Antique Dealers League of America (AADLA) has announced Art and Antiques Week NYC to take place April 25 – May 1. “Antiques/Americana Week” is less an organized effort than a series of shows that occur at the same time. That lack of organization could allow the thunder to be stolen and  some confusion to reign.

Promoters of Arts and Antiques Week say as one of the world’s largest and most robust art markets, New York City, attracts collectors and art enthusiasts from around the world. Capitalizing on the city’s international appeal, The AADLA has partnered with hundreds of galleries and major museums to create Art and Antiques Week NYC. At the heart of Art and Antiques Week is the inaugural Spring Show NYC, sponsored by 1stdibs.com, which opens with a benefit preview for the ASPCA on April 27, at the Park Avenue Armory.

“The idea behind Art and Antiques Week NYC is to celebrate the world’s greatest cultural center: New York City,” says Clinton Howell, President of AADLA and owner of Clinton Howell Antiques on the Upper East Side. “There are more cultural events going on in this city at any given moment than anywhere else in the world.”

That’s likely true. There also seem to be more antiques and art-related “week” events than in any other city. But it appears this one’s official.

With the announcement, Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a proclamation congratulating the AADLA on the new show and proclaiming April 25-May 1, 2011 as Art and Antiques Week.


Note: The photo shows the Park Avenue Armory. The next Haughton event at the Armory is October 21-27, 2011.

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