Putting the Show Back in Antiques Show

During prohibition, portable flasks were disguised as ordinary items that could be carried without suspicion.” Among them were hollow flashlights, hammers, party horns, walking sticks and milady’s powder puff containers, each with demon rum hiding inside. The most imaginative is known as the prohibition pretzel, available with and without mustard. The 27th edition of the Antique City Fun Fair will be produced by Norman Schaut (above) and features hundreds of exhibitors offering acres of fine antiques and quirky collectibles at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center on October 9 and 10.

When planning an antique show there are two possible areas of focus. The first is antiques, the second is show. It’s clear from a recent press release that promoter Norman Schaut has chosen the later.

Norm says “Among the hundreds of booths, attendees will find the first Miss America crown from 1921, a medieval ‘Lock ‘em and Leave ‘em iron chastity belt and Charles Dickens’ inkwell complete with pen.

“During prohibition, folks went to great lengths to conceal demon rum on their person. Two of the most ingenious creations were the hollow Philadelphia Prohibition Pretzel that is filled with a tiny funnel. There’s also an ordinary looking flashlight with booze in the batteries.”

The 27th edition of the world’s largest collectors show, produced by Norman Schaut, has left the Atlantic City Convention Center and will be presented in the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center on April 9 and 10.


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