Into the Grapevine Glass Show

Grapevine Glass Show 1Glass show’s have come to the Grapevine Convention Center several times since I’ve come to live in this Dallas suburb. Today I made it into one. I expected a lot of depression glass and found well, a lot of depression glass. I talked with some dealers briefly about what was selling. One answer was Pyrex from the 50s and 60s-the kitchen stuff. Also mid-century forms are doing well. Any glass I personally have is much older that what I found at this show where items range primarily from the 1920s through 1950s. It’s also different from an antiques show in that most of the dealers here deal with the same type of items. It’s the rare cases where the pattern is broken–like the dealer with vintage glass lighting fixtures–that made it interesting for me. I was also told there was usually a dealer from Florida who carries early pattern glass who didn’t make it to this show. The world of glass would seem to be able to stretch beyond the items you see here–into bottles, telegraph insulators and more flint glass.

I wondered if the people buying the items- particularly the old Pyrex for baking- would actually use it. My guess was yes, and that this is a crowd looking for items to use seemed clear with a loudspeaker announcement” “Would the woman looking for something to serve asparagus in please come to the front desk.”

Grapevine Glass 3

Grapevine Glass 4

Grapevine Glass 5

Grapevine Glass 6

Grapevine Glass 7

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