360 View: From the Streets to the Museums

Freer Google Museum ViewGoogle is looking to do what it has done to the streetscape to the museum. The company has begin taking 360 degree views of the world’s museums. I’m not sure bringing the mapview technology indoors can ever replicate art, especially since my test run through the floors of the Freer Gallery in Washington, DC let me see more of the architecture than the paintings. Some of the images at other museums shown in a separate article appear to provide much more detailed views. It would also be cool if you could zero in on a painting and then have it attached to the high-resolution photo on the museum’s web site where you could also find more information. Perhaps Google maps will eventually allow museums to attach links.  Then there’s the question of objects like Asian screens that are behind glass, temporary exhibits, the natural rotation of objects and other issues to contend with. Finally, I guess the Peacock Room at the Freer was too dark as they seem to have skipped photographing it. Check it out here.

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