Work Begins on Kimbell Addition

It was sad to see the trees coming down and a building going up on the wonderful green lawn between Lois Kahn’s Kimbell Art Museum and Phillip Johnson’s Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. I wish they could have built the addition on the parking lot between the Kimbell and the Modern, but unfortunately they didn’t ask for my opinion. Here’s a photo of the work going on that the Kimbell as viewed from the Amon Carter.

3 thoughts on “Work Begins on Kimbell Addition

  1. There will be underground parking. There will be a majority of the new building that will be underground also. The trees that they took down were dead or dying. They will replant trees and there will be a bit of lawn. There is a model inside the kimbell. I asked a bunch of questions when I went in the other day about it. 😉


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