Antique Tapestry Fetches $4,884 at Specialists of the South

A late 17th or early 18th century wool tapestry, measuring 71 inches by 103 inches and depicting a hunter with his bugle, dog and sword in a woodland setting was the surprise top lot at an on-site auction held Aug. 28 by Specialists of the South, Inc., of Panama City. The tapestry’s vivid colors and fine condition earned it a top bid of $4,884.

“We knew that tapestry was an old and unusual piece, but when the bidding got spirited between a gentleman on the phone and two online bidders, we knew we had something special,” said Logan Adams of Specialists of the South, Inc. “We never did learn for sure whether it was made in England, as we believed, or its exact age, but that didn’t deter people from wanting it.”

In the end, the online bidder took the prize (via The auction was held at a home once belonging to Floye E. Brewton, Marianna, Fla.’s Citizen of the Year in 2006 and a man who lovingly restored numerous historic residential properties in the area prior to his passing in March of this year. The sale featured about 150 items from the estate of Mr. Brewton.

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