A Sunday in Granbury

It may have been no more than an excuse to escape Suburbia, but Sunday found us on a trip to Granbury, Texas and surrounding environs, a short drive Southwest from Fort Worth. There wasn’t much in the way of high-end antiques to be found, but Granbury has enough charm to warrant spending the time and gas. The town even has a still operating opera house. In all the buildings on the square, most appear to date 100 years or more and there’s only one cavity to be filled.

Some trivia, Davy Crockett’s wife, Elizabeth, settled in Hood County following the Texas Revolution against Mexico. She is buried in Acton State Historic Site, the smallest state park in Texas.

Jesse James is reported to be buried in the City of Granbury Cemetery. Contrary to the popular legend about James, it is believed by many, including many of his adult grandchildren, that James changed his name and lived to old age in Granbury.

John Wilkes Booth, according to Granbury legend, moved to Hood County and assumed the name of John St. Helen. There is a store on the historic town square that is still called St. Helen’s.

Perhaps the most interest was in several items at a consignment shop along the way including and Enrico Caruso 78 and a possibly old French poster.  If you go, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the town, and you may find some stuff to buy, but don’t expect to come across many high-end antiques.

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