Art of What You Can do, or Should Not Do with a Can

It was seventy percent public relations and thirty percent art, but the thirty percent kept me long enough to take a quick look at thirty or so objects on display in the Dallas Galleria.  I had missed the opening for the Red Bull-sponsored Art of Can, but no matter I imagine the energy drink was served instead of the usual and more welcome wine.

Yes, it’s all about Red Bull and isn’t so different than the folky down home beer can art we’ve seen over the years, yet still large groups of gawkers repeat the phrase, “wow, you made that from a can?” I agree its a better use for a can than the Beer Can Chicken at Bone Daddy’s (I really couldn’t believe they served a chicken with a Miller High Life can sticking out of it. Still this is original and requires some creativity. I even noticed an attractive still life with a Red Bull can painted in by a Fort Worth artist. The exhibit is on display in the mall through August 22. It’s also appeared in Miami, Washington, DC and elsewhere.

The are offering free samples of the drink, which I tried for the first time.

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