…and the winner is: Correct Answers to Art Quiz

George Inness at Nelson-Atkins

B can now officially stand for baffling. We said it was a hard quiz we posted July 17 and it looks as if we have only one correct answer–not set of answers, representing a high score of 25 percent.

Here are the answers–all were b.

1) The medium in this painting is b, oil. By Charles Webster Hawthorne. The style makes it difficult to identify the medium. Could have easily been thick watercolor or pastel.

2) This 1860 landscape is likely b, Pennsylvania. The painting is by Thomas Proudly Otter. The landscape is rooted in Pennsylvania scenery even though these specific transportation vehicles were never present there.

3) This painting detail is from a work by b, George Inness.

4) Finally, the artist responsible for this portrait is b, Thomas Hart Benton.

All the paintings are in the collection of the Nelson-Atkins museum in Kansas City. If we can find Cristin we’ll send a t-shirt for his correct answer on question 2.

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