An Interview with Daryle Lambert

Daryle Lambert has some unique insights into the antique and collectibles business. In a new exclusive interview with Urban Art & Antiques he shares some of those insights and strategies. While he doesn’t argue it’s a tough world for dealers out there, he says he never worries about the selling, only the buying. If you buy right, he says, the selling will take care of itself.

In the forty minute interview we talked about what’s hot and what’s not, why the fine art market is different from the antique and collectibles market, why a lack of interest in merchandise by generation x may be a misnomer and the business channels that are best suited to survival. I’ll let the cat out of the bag on that one. Daryle says its auctions and the internet, not shows and malls.

More surprises. Where’s the best place to sell? Craigslist. What markets could implode? Posters and toy trains. Listen for forty minutes of insight gained over half century of experience.

To listen click here, or in the right menu bar.

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