Provocative Poem Fails to Inspire Buyers for Shen Liang’s Drawings

A provacative poem written on a drawing by Chinese artist Shen Liang failed to help propel the drawing to within its estimated price.  Lot 72216 offered at the Heritage Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary sale today brought just $500, well-short of the $1,000 to $1,500 estimate. The work was drawn after a Cultural-revolution-era poster, written in Chinese was the following poem:

“The Song of the Prostitute”

She slept until late morning

The brothel frequenter came in the late evening

She was naked, and white as snow

Both breasts beautiful,

Groaning with each blow of the bamboo flute

Dizzy with an erection,

When the brothel frequenter left in the middle of the night,

She counted the money

Fuck, Fuck

the money was fake,

what a work in vain!

Also written was: Mao Zedong 1893-1976 “In the Great Storm We Test our Red Heart”

The other two works by Shen Liang in the auction failed to sell.

2 thoughts on “Provocative Poem Fails to Inspire Buyers for Shen Liang’s Drawings

  1. Well, one can only guess that it wouldn’t be the kind of art which would be conducive to the ‘Would you like to see my engravings?” (um….art collection) line? This is rather funny. It’s actually a nice drawing. Hard sell though.


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